Thursday, September 28, 2006

KidSpace @ The Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library is just what it the moniker implies--a digital library. If you enjoy exploring new things or can't keep up with your young persons thirst for knowledge, you will love this resource. Resources, resources, so many resources at your fingertips. In addition to KidSpace, the website features a TeenSpace section. The Internet Public Library (IPL) is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment at the University of Michigan School of Information.
Pre-K thru 12

Sunday, September 24, 2006

National Geographic

We all remember the stacks of National Geographic magazines from our youth. They are as much a part of our childhood memories as Weekly Reader, Show 'n' Tell and Taco Day in the school cafeteria. This website features special sections for kids, educators and parents. Explore the animal kingdom, people and places, history, the arts; explore the world.
Grades K-12+

Saturday, September 16, 2006 is a wonderful collection of annotated resources for young people and adults who are involved in the development of youth of all ages. YouthPlay links to hundreds of Internet resources (almost all free) targeting the development of young people. These resources include: math, science, reading, writing, language arts and social studies; skill development; homework assistance; career exploration; training and education; college resources; financial aid; learning exercises; good, safe, fun stuff; free email; guidance for adults; and more. The authors have done an excellent job of providing the target grade levels for many of the websites. Just a great all-around resource for everyone involved in the educational process.