Wednesday, July 27, 2011

University of Idaho: Information Literacy

Regardless of age, all students need help navigating and evaluating the vast information available on the web. This University of Idaho literacy primer will quickly transform any novice or random searcher into a savvy Internet guru. The site guides visitors through a series of modules that teach them how to distinguish different kinds of information on the Internet, search databases and other collections, search for and select research topics, locate and cite sources, and evaluate the sources they find.

Grades 5th thru 12+

Shakespeare Online

You will not find Gwyneth Paltrow on this website, but you will find plenty of William Shakespeare—young and old. On this aptly named site, visitors can read every play or sonnet from the world's most celebrated writer and, more importantly, make some sense of his works with study guides and essays, Old English language translations, quizzes and famous quotes.

Grades 8th thru 12

Saturday, July 02, 2011

New York Times: 1-in-8 Million

1-in-8 Million is a look into the lives of 54 not-so-ordinary New Yorkers, telling their own stories. It is an opportunity to go far outside of the conventional classroom without moving from one’s desk, an opportunity to hear, feel, touch, almost smell the people of New York. I found it to be a trip not just to New York—and I’ve traveled there many times—but a trip inside this city. I’d never seen it like this.

Grades 6 thru 12+