Sunday, October 29, 2006

I am a zoo lover. And, I would not dare try to convince anyone that an online experience is anywhere near as wonderful as a day at a real zoo. But if a visit to a really nice zoo is not a feasible option, then there is probably no other experience as close to the real thing as the virtual experience at the San Diego Zoo online. You can look a baboon dead in the eye, which may not be the wisest thing to do at a real zoo. You'll find well-written descriptions of dozens of animals. Web cams and dozens of videos also can be viewed by visitors. The site allows visitors to send free e-postcards with images of some of the zoo's more famous residents. In Kid Territory you can print zoo-themed recipes, play nine different online games, read about a zookeeper's daily work, and view Q&As. Love this site--love it, love it, love it!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our slogan at is "How I Choose to Play is Serious Business." is in keeping with our belief that play can be just as beneficial as reading, writing and arithmetic. is an educational website for kids offering lots of free, fun, interactive, and educational games. For teachers, also offers Quizstation, an tool for creating online quizzes (The Bronze Level is free to use). The site also offers kids clip art, e-cards, wall paper, jokes, screensavers and more. Its a wonderful place to find a little downtime. provides hours hours of learning and fun for kids and resources for teachers and parents as well. This site also annotates the appropriate age levels for various activities.
Grades Pre-K thru 12

Monday, October 16, 2006

Cool Cosmos

This California Institute of Technology/NASA site is oh so cool. The site explores the world of infrared astronomy as its main topic and explains the multi-wavelength universe. This Cool Cosmos portal is the main gateway of the Cool Cosmos Education and Public Outreach group at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center and the SIRTF Science Center. Interest piqued? Visit the site to decipher what all of this means.
Grades K thru 12+

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Mint

The Mint is designed to help you teach 6-12 graders to manage money. There are games, tests of skill, illustrations, lots of information, and practical suggestions. All are concrete, and all are meant to treat a serious subject in a light and easy-to-understand way. This site has been designed primarily for families to help them work together and approach the topic of handling money wisely. However, there are also sections aimed exclusively at adults: teachers and parents. Ideas for Teachers contains supplemental activities to illustrate sound money management concepts. Tips for Parents provides tips for mentoring and nurturing in children financial responsibility. It is never too early to start if your child is interested in how money works. Ideas for Young Kids offers tips to explain the basics of handling money to children just starting school.

Grades 6-12

Monday, October 09, 2006


Thinking is a process where we have to create new connections, look for meaning behind the facts and analyze in order to understand. These are the goals of SuperThinkers! This flash-driven website features a set of original games and interactive mysteries designed to foster literacy and problem-solving. It's a friendly, fun place to use logic and reasoning to solve problems. It is often helpful to have a team of thinkers collaborating. The creators encourage students to work together and talk aloud about their hypotheses, ideas and questions. Created by children's book author Peter H. Reynolds and his creative team at Emmy Award-winning FableVision. The site primarily targets learners in grades 5 through 8, but provides fun for learners at all levels.
Grades 5 thru 8

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

College is Possible

Yes indeed, college is possible! This is one no frills website--no animation, no flash, no awsome colors or riveting audio. But, the information is excellent! A resource guide for parents, students, and education professionals, it simply cuts to the chase with information on preparing for college, choosing the right college and paying for college. If you're thinking college, this is a great place to get the basics on getting there. The College Is Possible website is sponsored by the American Council on Education.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 demostrates education can be interesting and fun for all ages. The PreK and Kindergarten section is designed for students who are new to the computer. The main sections are Play Time, How To, and School Time. The 1st to 3rd Grade Section is for more beginning elementary students; the main sections are also Play Time, How To, and School Time. The Teens Section is one of the largest sections on ClassBrain. The name is a bit misleading, because the materials address subjects all the way through college level and graduate courses. The site also has areas for teachers and families. The site features several informational areas such as Biographies, State Reports, Defining Documents and more. These can be very helpful to students working on special projects. ClassBrain brings you the best of the web in education.
Grades Pre-K thru 12+

Monday, October 02, 2006

Making It Count!

Making It Count! has great articles written for students, by students as well as articles written by career professionals. There are a couple of really informative blogs--one detailing the experience of a first-year college student. Making It Count! is a valuable tool for students transitioning into high school, into college and into their career. There are designated areas for students, parents and educators. As a parent, I have found the articles written by students, for students to be especially enlightening. The goal of Making It Count! is twofold: to teach students how to succeed in college and best prepare themselves to maximize their opportunities upon graduation, and to help parents make smart, proactive decisions on behalf of their students. The site also includes interactive games, tools, and e-newsletters.This site includes a little more advertising that I prefer for an education site, but the resources are so rich I had to put it on the list. The site also requires a simple registration in order to get to the really good items, but its worth it.
Grades 8-12+