Sunday, November 25, 2007

Altapedia Online

Once you get past the humongous horizontal ad on each page this site, there is a motherlode of geographical information. For each country A-to-Z, there is a profile detailing location, geography, climate, people, demographics, languages, religion, education, history, economy, and more. In addition, there are physical and political maps. These maps depict regions as well as countries. Great site to explore the world.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sometimes we tend to get so involved in the great not-so-popular finds that we forget we have some really wonderful well-know resources and we believe falls into that category. Bartleby features literature, reference and verse. Users can buy the books online, or download free e-books. In addition to the Bartleby Bookstore, the site features famous quotations, authors, Harvard Classics, and daily biographies, definitions, quotations and poems. also features a very good online encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus. It really is a site to add to your favorites, that is, if its not already there.