Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Although at first glance not the most inviting site, once you start digging in Thinkfinity you will find all kinds of nuggets. The site features lessons plans for educators and parents. It partners with several of the best educational resources on the web. Some are web powerhouses such as EDSITEment, the Smithsonian Institute and National Geographic. But there are also partnerships with smaller but very effective educational resources such as Wonderopolis, Illuminations, and the Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge. And if you keep digging, there is more and more and more.

All Levels

Sunday, June 26, 2011

BBC Nature

The photos! The videos! The wildlife! Even dinosaurs! Breathtaking! This is a walk on the wild side at your fingertips. There is absolutely no excuse for not being exposed to the world of nature--even if you live in the center of New York City. Its right here. The BBC is the largest broadcasting agency in the world and a public broadcasting service to boot. BBC Nature is definitely one of its finest microsites.

1rst Grade - 12+

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mapping Your Future

Mapping Your Future is a one stop for students and families providing information on financial strategies, career options and college planning. Features step-by-step interactive tools for middle and high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, prospective students and parents. The site is chock full of activities such as Show Me the Future, an exciting financial literacy and life skills game to help prepare for the future, and CareerShip an online career exploration adventure. In addition to information on loans, the site also provides access to several search resources for scholarships and grants.
8th Grade-12+