Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lightening Bug

This is a no nonsense website for aspiring writers. If you are serious about writing Lightning Bug is a great site; if you're not, its best to skip this one. Lightning Bug was conceived to help young adults engage with story writing. The designers contend that understanding how to write a good story is an extremely effective way to express a point of view. The site has been written with a focus on fostering inspiration, finding voice, developing structure and encouraging an interest in writing. The site is intended to be a writing companion, a resource to draw on as you craft a narrative. It is intended to be useful to confident literate young writers, and to those less sure of their writing abilities. In early 2007, Firefly was added to the site, a short story writing challenge to help young adults start writing regularly. Its not a fancy site, but it is a very, very good resource for anyone who aspires to be a writer.

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