Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shelby County Schools' ESL Resource Page

Its not a pretty site, but it has more English as a Second Language (ESL)resources than any other site I've viewed.The Shelby County Schools' ESL Resource Page is a no frills resource for ESL students, parents, and educators. Developed by Dianne Dogan for Shelby County Schools, it is an educational portal linking to hundreds of websites on the World Wide Web. The linked sites have been reviewed and selected by K-12 educators. The presence of a link on this website does not represent an endorsement of the site by Shelby County Schools. Some of the links are broken, some are advertisement heavy, and some are really good. If you can bear the bright yellow and sift through the debris, there are jewels to be found for ESL students or anyone attempting to master the English language.

Pre-K thru 12+

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