Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Educational Gifting

A birthday is looming, the holidays are coming, just got my bonus and I need to shop--there are so many reasons we find ourselves searching for that perfect gift for the young people in our lives. Consider a gift that will challenge their minds and expand their cognitive toolkit while providing hours of enjoyment. A search of the web will produce hundreds of marketing websites but if you comb through there are a few sites that offer some helpful ideas for that perfect educational gift:
Top 10 Educational Toys 2011--While likely not actually the best 10, there are some great choices on this list for all ages.
Family 5: Our Best Educational Toys for First Graders (Ages 4-7) --Good explanations of why these are good toys.
The Best Board Games for Every Age ( -- This one has to be our favorite!
Top 20 Educational Video Games -- Love this one too! Playstation and Nintendo can be educational too.
TeacherFirst: 100 Best Books -- It doesn't so matter if its on a savvy eReader or just plain old paper, nothing brightens the eyes like a wonderful book. Scholastic's article "How to Choose the Best Multi-Cultural Books" provides an essential facet to creating a comprehensive children's reading list.

Well, w think you get the gist. There are lots of educational gifts and learning does not have to be boring. Hopefully, we've primed you to the possibilities.

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