Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our slogan at is "How I Choose to Play is Serious Business." is in keeping with our belief that play can be just as beneficial as reading, writing and arithmetic. is an educational website for kids offering lots of free, fun, interactive, and educational games. For teachers, also offers Quizstation, an tool for creating online quizzes (The Bronze Level is free to use). The site also offers kids clip art, e-cards, wall paper, jokes, screensavers and more. Its a wonderful place to find a little downtime. provides hours hours of learning and fun for kids and resources for teachers and parents as well. This site also annotates the appropriate age levels for various activities.
Grades Pre-K thru 12

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Anonymous said...

I found this site and was very excited to use it for kindergarterners to learn how to a mouse. but now i can not get the site to come up.