Monday, October 02, 2006

Making It Count!

Making It Count! has great articles written for students, by students as well as articles written by career professionals. There are a couple of really informative blogs--one detailing the experience of a first-year college student. Making It Count! is a valuable tool for students transitioning into high school, into college and into their career. There are designated areas for students, parents and educators. As a parent, I have found the articles written by students, for students to be especially enlightening. The goal of Making It Count! is twofold: to teach students how to succeed in college and best prepare themselves to maximize their opportunities upon graduation, and to help parents make smart, proactive decisions on behalf of their students. The site also includes interactive games, tools, and e-newsletters.This site includes a little more advertising that I prefer for an education site, but the resources are so rich I had to put it on the list. The site also requires a simple registration in order to get to the really good items, but its worth it.
Grades 8-12+

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