Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Mint

The Mint is designed to help you teach 6-12 graders to manage money. There are games, tests of skill, illustrations, lots of information, and practical suggestions. All are concrete, and all are meant to treat a serious subject in a light and easy-to-understand way. This site has been designed primarily for families to help them work together and approach the topic of handling money wisely. However, there are also sections aimed exclusively at adults: teachers and parents. Ideas for Teachers contains supplemental activities to illustrate sound money management concepts. Tips for Parents provides tips for mentoring and nurturing in children financial responsibility. It is never too early to start if your child is interested in how money works. Ideas for Young Kids offers tips to explain the basics of handling money to children just starting school.

Grades 6-12

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Edward Roy Krishnan said...

An early start in the acquisition of knowledge and skills of money management can curb many psychological problems connected to financial illiteracy. My friend has just completed his PhD dissertation in this area of study and he's a passionate promoter of the same. He however, uses Robert Kiyosaki's Board Games to teach financial literacy to beginners. I plan to introduce him to 'the mint' (more suitable and effecitve for kids...in fact he's serving as a counselor for an international school in Thailand and he will need this tool). He's going to be excited to learn about it!